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Meet the

Smart scooter

The hoverboard is innovation in personal vehicles. This is the next generation self-balancing and easy-to-use electric scooter. The built-in gyrosensors ensure that the scooter remains upright. With a maximum speed of 12kph, you can travel up to 20km per battery charge!
Meet the <br>hoverboard


You can effortlessly drive it and keep your balance by shifting your weight. With the two independently controlled electric motors, each wheel can be driven separately for great manoeuvrability that allows you to easily turn in every direction and to perform 360 degree spins.


The hoverboard is not only an intelligent transport system, but also a recreation tool. It allows you to travel with ease through halls and corridors, to work or to school. You can also cruise around pedestrians on a busy plaza with no risk. It is an authentic high-tech experience for adults and children.

Built-in battery

An original 4400 mAh Li-ion battery is implemented within the Hoverboard. You can quickly and easily charge it, even in a restaurant or while drinking coffee at the mall with your friends. This zero-emissions vehicle also has battery-status indicators.
Built-in battery


The compact design makes it extremely easy to carry. You can bring it almost anywhere - on the bus, on the subway and even on the plane. You don't need you hands to steer; you could text someone or check your direction while driving. The waterproof technology allows you to drive it safely in the rain.

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Why should you buy your Hoverboard from ?

1 Because we offer a wide variety of models and different colours at affordable prices.

A variety of models and different colours at affordable prices.

2 Warranty and service

We offer a 1 years warranty for all of our products. Don't worry if you damage your Hoverboard - we also provide repairs which are not covered by the warranty.

1 years warranty

3 Special offers for upgrading your scooter.

We can redeem your scooter and replace it for a newer model from our Product Catalog.

Special offers for upgrading your Hoverboard

4 Guaranteed origin and high quality.

IMPORTANT! is an official importer and representative of certified and tested for safety and quality products meeting the requirements of the European Union!

Guaranteed origin and high quality