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1. What is HOVERBOARD?
HOVERBOARD is a personal self-balancing electric scooter with gyro sensor technology. It consists of two wheels, a platform, an electric motor and a battery. HOVERBOARD is driven in a stand-up straight position and the balance is kept by its gyroscopes.
2. How does HOVERBOARD work?
The motors are controlled via foot movements – press the toes of both feet gently down to move forwards or both heels down to move backwards. By pressing with one foot, you can turn and spin.
3. Is it difficult for a beginner to learn how to use HOVERBOARD?
We do not believe it is difficult. It is as hard as learning to ride a bycicle - 30 minutes will be sufficient to master the way of driving. You just need to relax and stand in a comfortable position.
4. Where can I learn to drive HOVERBOARD?
At first you can practice on an empty parking lot/plaza/side street etc. Any terrain with flat area will do - wherever you think you will not be impeding the normal movement of traffic.
5. Realistically, how long can someone ride a HOVERBOARD before their core/back muscles get tired?
Initially, riding the HOVERBOARD can be strenuous due to your body getting acclimated to standing on the device. Once you relax, you can drive the HOVERBOARD for its full range of 15-20 km.
6. What is the weight limit for a HOVERBOARD driver?
Up to 120 kg.
7. Does HOVERBOARD have suspension in case of bumps, cracks and curbs on the road?
The HOVERBOARD can handle bumps, cracks and other small changes of surface up to 1-3 cm very well. All you have to do is bend your knees since they act as your suspension.
8. How long does HOVERBOARD require to fully charge?
The battery takes up to 2 hours to fully charge.
9. Can I drive HOVERBOARD on the street or on the sidewalk?
HOVERBOARD is very compact - a little wider than an average person’s shoulders. It can be driven with ease on sidewalks, streets and other public places.
10. Can I drive it on grassy terrain?
It is possible, but it is not recommended. For best performance drive it on smooth roads/pavements. Avoid riding it on rocky/gravel terrain etc.
11. Is it safe to use in rainy weather?
HOVERBOARD's dustproof and waterproof levels are IP54, which means that it is suitable for rainy weather. it is not recommended to drive it in very cold weather or in areas with puddles.
12. Who is HOVERBOARD designed for?
HOVERBOARD was designed for people of all ages to help improve their personal mobility.
13. Is this suitable for kids?
HOVERBOARD is recommended for ages 14+. If a younger child can control it safely (with some guidance and assistance in the beginning) then it may be suitable for them as well.
14. How far can HOVERBOARD travel on a full charge?
Approximately 15-20 km and about 1-2 hours of use, depending on the speed and the terrain.
15. Is HOVERBOARD durable?
HOVERBOARD scooters have high durability, however we advise you that they do get scratched quite easily, even with careful use.
16. Does the scooter come with a charger?
Yes, all Hoverboards come with battery and a charger. They are provided separately from the scooter in case they are damaged and new ones are required.
17. Can the tyres get damaged?
These tyres can’t go flat as they are made from pure rubber. It would be very hard to damage them.
18. Why have I never seen or heard of HOVERBOARD before?
HOVERBOARD is innovation in personal electric vehicles and has been released for general availability almost an year ago. It is a completely new product in Bulgaria, which is still making its way to the top of the personal electric vehicles list.