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About us

Our team at is happy to offer you the opportunity to get your very own hoverboard – the most “viral” scooter in the world! We are very passionate about new technologies and it is our mission to also ignite the same passion in you!

The innovative product that we would like to bring to your attention is the hoverboard - a portable, self-balancing, and rechargeable scooter that captured the world by storm in 2015.

The rapid growth we have enjoyed since opening the first Bulgarian online hoverboard store, has fueled our expansion and has motivated us to continue to offer the best to our customers.

Our clients include popular actors, singers, football players, dancers, directors, and many more. You can enjoy their experiences with our hoverboards at #WHO RIDES #HOVERBOARD!

We aim to constantly expand our product range, so we can offer you a variety of models and colors with proven origin and quality.

We show our commitment to your customers by offering you the best combination of cost and quality, free delivery at any address within the country, a 1 year warranty of the scooter parts, a repair center, and the highest level of customer service excellence.

We welcome your ideas and recommendations to continue to maintain a culture of innovation within the Bulgarian market. We use social media to share our exciting growth process and would love to have you be part of the experience!

Share your experience with hashtag #HovershopBG!

The World is Yours!

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