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Dear Customers,

Our team has over 20 years of experience in the field of electronics and professional service. We offer a two year warranty on each electric self-balancing scooter purchased!

To make sure high quality service is given and for your worries, our company makes following detailed rules on self-balancing electric scooter:

Free maintain won't be given under the following circumstances:

  • The break down, caused by manipulations that didn't follow the requests of the Manual
  • Products are not in valid warranty period or the warranty card is not accord with or changed, lost.
  • The bar code or model of product in warranty card is not accord with the product.
  • The damage caused by the dismantle movement of non-our-company authoraized maintainer.
  • The damage caused by accident or artificial factor, like being shattered and fallen, or being wore and scaraped, being broken mechanically or caused terrible oxidation of the products.
  • The damage caused in the period of Load and Unload or shipping when customers send the product back for repair.
  • The damage or warranty changed caused by other force majeure factors like earth quake, fire...
  • The break down or damage caused by non-product itself. like design, technique, making, quality.

Please, note that:

  • The change is not available for the obvious artificial damage, scratch, and so on.
  • Guarantee for repair and change is only available for core parts of the products.We promise the buyers a new one directly if it is broken beacuse of the problems itself in 14 days, without any scratch on the surface. The product for repair or change should be tested by our company, if available, it will be send back to you directly; if surely wrong about something, then it will be changed to a new same type one, or be changed about the broken parts, wich belong to our company after finishing repairing.
  • In protect fix the period, if there is any breakdown caused by product's own quality, customers can bring the purchasing invoice and the customer couple filled and get the free repair from the reapir center authorized by our company.

These regulations come into force us of the date of publication.
Please, carefully reserve purchasing invoice and warranty card, wich are both considered as the protection to fix warranties.

After sell service detailed rules:

To make sure quality for service:
Our company provide the buyer with warranty services from payment date, including one year for the machine and six months for the battery pack.

  • For the components and parts of the products out of work, wich will work normally after being repaired or changed. Our company are all responsible for this and promise to send it out in 7 days after receiving the out of work product and for the core ones, wich cannot also be repaired in the limited time, we promise a new qualified same type product or the new same brand one with higher performance than before.
  • In warranty time, product problem caused by artificial or natural reasons are out of repair, change or return for free, as follows:
    • The break down caused by customer using in the wrong way;
    • Repair and refit to the products by customers themselves;
    • The shell of products damage seriously;
    • The characteristic of product is lose;
    • The damage caused by natural disaster, like earthquake, flood, fire;
    • Other artificial factors.

Product forever repair service:

Our company will offer the forever service for you. You only need to pay the repair cost and shipping fee.